The Greatest Happiness




From Miss Lonelyhearts, with love

by Miss Lonelyhearts

  1. I shall never seek revenge.
  2. I shall forgive without forgetting.
  3. I shall be honest about emotions.
  4. I shall see opportunities in disappointment.
  5. I shall question fear.
  6. I shall amend misunderstanding.
  7. I shall act to defend, not to offend.
  8. I shall admire instead of envy.
  9. I shall love, never hate.
  10. I shall recognize myself in everyone.

These are not COMMANDments for you, they are COMMITments I vow to role-model for you.

After I made these pledges to myself, I began to realize my capacity for love and happiness. If everyone in the world followed these guidelines, the Greatest Happiness would be achieved.


  • a theoretical moment in which every conscious mind is relieved of fear and suffering, at which time humanity’s ultimate potential will be made manifest
  • While only one human generation will experience this future moment, the hope of its existence should ideally be the motivation behind every human action.
  • It will most likely not be achieved during our lifetime, but the pursuit of it brings reason for living – which is reward enough for our part in working towards it.
  • The concept was inspired by “the Powerful Goodness” that Benjamin Franklin addressed every morning, for which he drafted a prayer: “O powerful Goodness! . . . Increase in me that wisdom which discovers my truest interest. Strengthen my resolutions to perform what that wisdom dictates. Accept my kind offices to thy other children as the only return in my power for thy continual favours to me.”
Benjamin Franklin documented his daily routine in a 1971 autobiography.

Benjamin Franklin documented his daily routine in a 1791 autobiography.


  • a spiritual meeting-place (not mutually exclusive with any religion)
  • heart-to-hearts (brief memos about self-improvement and inspiration)
  • the New Media Testament (a project that combines poetry and storytelling)

But WHY?

Hatred is nothing but miscommunication, with ourselves and with each other. I created this project to study and improve the ways people express themselves in the modern world.

Love always,

Miss L.

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