Act One of the tragicomic, superreal


Modern-day Brooklyn sets the scene for anonymous advice blogger and aspiring spiritual leader Miss Lonelyhearts to finally “go public,” during a performance-turned-marriage proposal that explodes the persona’s Twitter fame. But the explosion isn’t as planned as people think, and it proves devastating to Miss Lonelyhearts’ mission of explaining his “all-consuming miracle Love.”

real cover

Tentative cover


  1. “fish became man”
  2. “the sex that gestates Life”
  3. “sexual frustrations of other men”
  4. “something he thought was happiness”
  5. “the mess that’s America”
  6. “every wet stranger”
  7. “first to dream of immortality”
  8. “a gun on every table”
  9. “entire sweating restless world”

Rough Draft of the first five chapters:




Summary: The sequel finds Miss Lonelyhearts celebrating Labor Day weekend 2016 at a new friend’s summer-home in the Hamptons, recuperating after the tragic conclusion of his performance-turned-marriage proposal. Because of Miss Lonelyhearts’ intervening, the weekend unfolds as an absurd melodrama, revolving around: rape-culture; mental healthcare stigma; and the disintegration of an American family that’s so intense it quite literally burns the house down.


Miss Lonelyhearts falls victim to both Christian and Islamic extremism in the series’ finale, which finds humanity on the brink of a global nuclear holy-war. The many threats to Miss Lonelyhearts’ life leave the international legacy of Lonely Hearts Chapel in jeopardy. Meanwhile, America is in the process of evolving beyond a republic and becoming the truest, most powerful democracy in the world; under the guidance of American President Hillary Rodham, society quickens its social progress, even as the resulting friction reaches lethal peaks.

Love always,

Miss L.

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