My Love is Real

Below are some poems from my first collection of poetry, which is spiritual in nature because it’s based on my grandma’s book of Christian poetry (My God is Real,) and it deals with my own burgeoning social conscience and spiritual identity. I wrote these poems while completing the bulk of my first novel, so they are companions to it.

MLIR cover

Cover art, by Lauren Olesh

PART 1: I was the Beginning and

  1. I Love Myself, the Real
  2. I Know Why People Love
  3. I’m the Tree of Life
  4. I Walk With the Dead
  5. I Conquer the Lawless One
  6. I See the Silence Coming
  7. I Make Vows For You

PART 2: Miss Lonelyhearts is a Symbol

  1. Miss Lonelyhearts Shepherds the Lamb
  2. Miss Lonelyhearts Swallows the Fat Thumb
  3. Miss Lonelyhearts Always Returns
  4. Miss Lonelyhearts Embraces the Cripple
  5. Miss Lonelyhearts Pays a Loan
  6. Miss Lonelyhearts Attends a Party Alone
  7. Miss Lonelyhearts Wears the Party Dress

PART 3: the ending is alone me.

  1. My Mom Has Gifted Me:
  2. You Say You Love Me,
  3. The Devil is Inside Me!
  4. Wish You’d Come Help Me–
  5. The Meteors Battered Into Me;
  6. Heaven Reminds You of Me,”
  7. Understand Why People Love Me?


My second collection of poetry documents my struggle to accept the holy obligation of being alive, of being honest about my difficulties, and of helping others as I would also like to be helped. I wrote/am writing these poems while editing my first novel and working on my second.

responsibility real cover

Cover art, featuring sketches of the Statue of Responsibility

  2. Something Really Important
  3. The Evil Dream
  4. Re-branding
  5. The Hope Does Not Spill
  6. The Other Side
  7. Responsibility II
  8. Million-Years Masquerade, pt. 1: Vanity
  9. pt. 2: Mister Lonelyhearts Talks About Privilege
  10. pt. 3: Realities for Men
  11. pt. 4: Prelude
  12. The Two Voices Inside You
  13. From Monsters
  14. Everyday
  15. Everywhere
  16. Everybody
  17. Lovemaking
  19. Desirous
  20. “Angels,” for Mara and Lauren
  21. Next Thing





Love always,

Miss L.


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